AI can be used to make an impact in so many fields, from detecting fake news to advancing healthcare in times of pandemic. But the long path to production prevents these innovations from making immediate real-world impact.

That’s why we decided to start the ‘MLOps for Good’ Hackathon, aimed at leveraging MLOps best practices to further causes that we all care about, immediately.

Apart from the great impact your innovations will achieve, we will also donate $10 to charity for every participant, and connect winning teams with enterpreneurs to help them get their projects out into the world.

Project Categories

Global challenges are defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will serve as guidestars for the teams to focus on real-life social and environmental goals. Projects that focus on detecting fake news, triaging preventative healthcare in a post-pandemic world, and improving child safety on the web are examples of the kind of social impact this hackathon will foster.


  • All projects need to use the MLRun project, and are eligible to use any of the MongoDB tools and / or Microsoft Lab Environments available for hackathon participants.
  • All datasets should be published publicly for use by any of the hackathon participants.
  • All projects need to be hosted in a public repository - Github, Gitlab etc.
  • All projects need to be reproducible, therefore, submitted with the data, code and Readme so that they can be easily understood and run.
  • All projects should include a production-ready ML pipeline.
  • All projects should address a social or environmental problem in order to demonstrate impact.
  • All projects need to be submitted for review by July 6th 2021 to be eligible to win.
  • First-phase submissions will be submitted as a pre-recorded demo that is up to 5 minutes, demoing the project functionality.

Hackathon Sponsors


$13,492 in prizes

iPhone 12

First place prize for contest - each team member will receive an iPhone 12 (up to 8)

Apple Airpods

Second place prize for contest - each team member receives a set of airpods (up to 8).

Amazon Gift Cards

Third place prize for contest - a gift card for each team member (up to 8).

MongoDB Atlas Voucher Codes (3)

Bonus prize for best operational ML pipeline (total of 3)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


David Aronchick

David Aronchick
Partner, Program Manager at Azure Innovations in the Office of the CTO, Microsoft

Orit Nissan-Messing

Orit Nissan-Messing
Co-Founder and VP Architecture, Iguazio

Greg Hayes

Greg Hayes
Data Science Director, Ecolab

Cecile Blilious

Cecile Blilious
Head of Impact and Sustainability at Pitango Venture Capital

Nick Brown

Nick Brown
Senior Data Scientist, IHS Markit

Anna Anisin

Anna Anisin
Founder, DataScience.Salon

Yaron Haviv

Yaron Haviv
Co-Founder and CTO, Iguazio

Adi Hirschtein

Adi Hirschtein
VP Product, Iguazio

Judging Criteria

  • MLOps - ML Pipeline Completeness (up to 50 points)
    Create a project with multiple independent steps that demonstrates data acquisition & prep from one or more sources (online or offline), runs training to produce one or more models, evaluate your models for accuracy, and produce a serving pipeline.
  • Novelty & Innovation of Use Case (up to 15 points)
    Projects that demonstrate innovation and thinking out of the box to deliver the greatest amount of social impact. To demonstrate impact, please describe the social / environmental problem you are addressing.
  • Commerciability & Applicability (up to 10 points)
    Create a project that has the potential to turn into a solution embraced by entrepreneurs and / or social organizations / charities
  • Diversity & Participation (up to 10 points)
    We will be awarding points based on the diversity of teams and active participation on social media using our hashtags, and the community Slack.
  • Building a Real Time Pipeline (up to 5 points)
  • Ability to Retrain Models (up to 5 points)
  • Use of Multiple ML Models (up to 5 points)

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